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So much about Reign annoys the hell out of me (the weird accents, the ridiculous costuming, the bizarre story lines, the laughable ‘history’) and yet I can’t. stop. watching. Ffs.

Porg: Person Of Restricted Growth

—Spencer Matthews, Made in Chelsea S07E02 


Many who follow entertainment in Hollywood will have a tough time wrapping their head around you–

Deal with it. [x]

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There has been a sudden surge of All Time Low on my dash and it made me so nostalgic! I remembered that these were the first profile pictures I had on Facebook and although I’m too old to be following bands up and down the country now, these are some of my best memories of being 17, 18, 19.


What do you want me to do? Kidnap my sister-in-law and take her where?

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1942, Jaime/Sansa, Second World War.

It’s the Easter break, the new season of Game of Thrones has begun, and thanks to a sudden (I’m assuming brought about by said new season) slew of Tumblr reblogs and AO3 kudos on my previous writing, I remembered a little tidbit I’d been sitting on for a while!

It’s a bit rough and ready and by no means finished, but I thought a few might be interested. Plus, it gives me a break from lesson planning, marking and assignment-writing.

However, this is a legitimate disclaimer before anyone gets their hopes up: I was a bit lost in the world of this so it’s not getting to real action right away. Also, don’t pick holes in my research as most of it comes from the movie Yanks with Richard Gere, so I’m perfectly aware that some of might not ring true.

1942, Jaime/Sansa, Second World War.

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